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Smoke Roasted Chicken with Alabama White Sauce

How to make Smoke Roasted Chicken with Alabama White Sauce

Chicken with Alabama White Sauce is a regional specialty made famous by Big Bob Gibson in Decatur, Alabama. The white barbecue sauce is unlike any other barbecue sauce out there, and may seem strange, if you’re new to the idea. However, the flavor is incredible and works great with smoky grilled chicken. Bonus: with the sauce prepared ahead of time, and your chicken prepped and ready to cook, this is an IDEAL tailgate dish! So fire up the good ol’ Weber Kettle, and give it a try!

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Italian Roast Pork Shoulder

Italian Roast Pork Shoulder Recipe

The Boston Butt pork shoulder is a truly versatile cut of meat. It adapts well to all sorts of cuisines and can be finished in a variety of textures. This Italian Roast Pork Shoulder is finished at slicing temperatures, making it perfect for sandwiches, but equally enjoyable over pasta or as a standalone entrée.

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Product Roundup: Weber Genesis Custom GrillGrates

Weber Genesis Custom GrillGrates Overview

GrillGrates are the ultimate upgrade for your Weber Genesis gas grill. These grates are made of aluminum which spreads the heat evenly before radiating it through the raised panels and applying a perfect sear to your food. These grates are custom cut to fit the current model Weber Genesis (19.5" front to back), but will fit the current Weber Summit 470 (with smoke box removed) and 670 (with smoke box in place).

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