How to make Buffalo Chicken Lolipops

Buffalo Chicken Lollipops


Transform your chicken drumsticks into a whole new experience with Buffalo Chicken Lollipops. These succulent, smoky delights are prepared by turning drumsticks into a convenient lollipop shape and smoking them to perfection on a Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill. Coated in a zesty homemade Buffalo Sauce and served with a creamy Blue Cheese Dressing, these lollipops offer an irresistible combination of spice, smokiness, and indulgence that's perfect for any occasion.



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  • Comment Author: Mot

    @Anna Marie
    One of my biggest petpevs too….
    Coat with veg oil…and dry ingredients (like a simple SPG) then Indirect Low temp on legs till you can see the fat rendering out under the skin (the skin gets thin and chrisps up…typically an hour and fifteen mins…pull’em and serve fast

    Thighs are more like 1.75hrs, some black magic, and a whole lotta luck

  • Comment Author: Anna Marie Mangili

    These look delicious, but I have NEVER been able to make chicken skin that you can eat. Rubberized is what we call it. High temp, low temp, dry, wet, and everything in between. Maybe this will be my lucky recipe.
    P.S. Do you miss PDX?

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