Hardcore Carnivore Amplify Mega Savory Flavor Dust, 10.5oz

Hardcore Carnivore Amplify Mega Savory Flavor Dust, 10.5oz

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Ever caught yourself craving that elusive umami flavor? Look no further than Hardcore Carnivore's Amplify seasoning. This powerhouse of taste is your go-to for elevating the flavors of everything from crispy veggies to golden fries, from fluffy eggs to creamy guacamole, and even hearty wraps.

Not only does this versatile seasoning excel on its own, but it also harmonizes perfectly with other flavors. Blend it seamlessly with your favorite rubs to tailor your culinary delights precisely to your taste. With its unique combination of rich paprika, savory onion, creamy butter, tangy tamari, and zesty citrus, Amplify promises to whisk your taste buds away on an unforgettable adventure.

10.5oz. shaker

Ingredients: chicken base (salt, sugar, maltodextrin, modified corn starch, onion powder, rendered chicken fat, hydrolyzed corn protein, cooked chicken powder with natural flavor, yeast extract, turmeric, disodium guanylate and disodium inosinate, xanthan gum, and natural flavor), dehydrated onion, sea salt, paprika, maltodextrin, butter flavor (maltodextrin, natural butter flavor, annatto and turmeric), yeast extract, citric acid, and tamari powder (soybean, salt, vinegar), maltodextrin, salt), silicon dioxide (less than 2% used for anti-caking). CONTAINS MILK & SOY.

Gluten Free, MSG Free, no artificial colors and low GI.

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