Cangshan Haku 6in Boning Knife with Sheath

Cangshan Haku 6in Boning Knife with Sheath

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Crafted for precision and versatility, the Haku 6-inch Boning Knife is expertly designed to excel in various kitchen tasks. Its deeply curved and tapered blade is perfectly suited for efficiently breaking down meat and navigating around joints with ease.

The unique D-shaped belly of the blade enhances its versatility, allowing it to function not only as a traditional boning knife but also as a utility slicer. This feature enables effortless prepping of fruits and vegetables or cleanly carving cooked meat with precision and control. With its multifunctional design and superior performance, the Haku 6-inch Boning Knife is an essential tool for any kitchen.


  • Forged from 67 layers of Cangshan's proprietary X-7 Damascus Steel.
  • Each blade undergoes Cangshan's proprietary ULTRA6 heat treatment to ensure proper strength and function.
  • Hand-sharpened to a 16-degree angle with a Rockwell C Scale rating of 60 +/- 2.
  • Lifetime Warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing.

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