Stuffed Crust Pizza


Immerse yourself in the ultimate comfort food experience with this Wood-Fired Pepperoni Stuffed Crust Pizza recipe. Savor the taste of nostalgia but leveled up in your own backyard. Crafted with precision and passion, the dough is lovingly prepared using premium ingredients, ensuring a perfect balance of texture and flavor in every bite. The secret lies in the meticulous process of layering and assembling the pizza, from the delicate stretch of the dough to the decadent stuffing of mozzarella cheese sticks around the crust. Topped with a rich homemade sauce bursting with the vibrant essence of San Marzano tomatoes and a medley of savory seasonings, this pizza promises to tantalize your taste buds and transport you to a realm of culinary bliss. Finished with a drizzle of honey-infused butter and a sprinkling of zesty Urban Slicer Mojo White Seasoning, each slice is a symphony of taste sensations that will leave you craving for more.



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