Alfa 4-Piece Extendable Pizza Peel Set with Black Handles

Alfa 4-Piece Extendable Pizza Peel Set with Black Handles

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Alfa Pizza Ovens

The Alfa 4-Piece Pizza Peel Set is designed to provide you with all the essential tools for effortlessly managing pizzas and foods in your oven. Here are its key features:

With these versatile tools at your disposal, the Alfa 4pc Pizza Peel Set ensures that you can enjoy hassle-free pizza-making and oven cooking experiences.


  • Medium pizza peel: This peel is ideal for safely transferring pizzas to and from the oven, ensuring smooth and precise movements without risking burns or spills.
  • Turner: The turner included in the set is perfect for flipping and turning food items inside the oven, allowing you to achieve even cooking and browning.
  • Wire brush: Equipped with a wire brush, this set enables you to effectively clean the hearth floor of your oven, removing any residue or debris to maintain optimal cooking conditions.
  • Rake: The rake is designed for handling ash and wood embers, providing you with a convenient tool for managing the fire and heat distribution in your oven.
    Alfa Pizza Ovens

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