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How to Spatchcock a Whole Chicken

How to Spatchcock a Whole Chicken

Here at All Things BBQ, we’re constantly interacting with folks who are passionate about grilling, smoking and cooking in general, and folks who are hungry for knowledge and looking to improve their craft. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you are one of these folks. You’re awesome. One of the questions we get a lot is, “What is the best way to cook a whole bird?” Whether it’s chicken or turkey our answer is always the same. Spatchcock. If you’re tired of drying out the breasts while waiting for the thighs and legs to finish cooking, it’s time to employ the spatchcock technique.

The spatchcock technique calls for cutting out the backbone of the bird, so the bird can lay flat while cooking. The advantage of cooking the bird this way is that it puts the breasts and quarters on the same level, near the same thickness, allowing the dark and white meat to cook at a more even rate. On top of that, all meat surfaces are easily accessible for seasoning, and more seasoning means more flavor.


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