Pecan Injected and Rubbed Thanksgiving Turkey

Pecan Injected and Rubbed Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Try out our southern style Thanksgiving turkey. Using John Henry’s Pecan Rub and Injection gives you a great flavor. Smoke with a fruit wood for the best results.

Pecan Injected and Rubbed Thanksgiving Turkey



Follow our instructions on how to spatchcock a turkey.

Inject the turkey evenly with 1 bottle of John Henry Pecan Injection and Marinade. Inject all over the bird, you should have no excess injection when done. Next, coat the turkey liberally with John Henry Pecan Rub. Place the turkey on a rimmed baking sheet that has been covered in foil. Let the turkey sit for 15 to 20 minutes before placing it on the smoker.

Preheat your Yoder Smokers YS640 or other grill to 325°F. Place the turkey on the smoker and let it cook for one and a half hours. Check the turkey for color at this point. If the turkey has reached the color you would like, tent it with foil. Start checking for doneness after three hours. The breast meat should be 160°F and the thigh meat should be 170°F (use the Maverick PT-75 thermometer for fast and accurate temperature readings).

Pull the turkey from the smoker once it has finished cooking and let it rest for a few minutes before carving. For more tender breast meat, debone the meat from the breast and slice against the grain. Serve and enjoy!


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