Smoked Fried Truffalo Wings

How to make Smoked Fried Truffalo Wings

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Level up your chicken wings with these Smoked Fried Truffalo Wings! Chef Tom fires up the Napoleon Phantom 500 to give these wings a quick smoke before frying them in a cast iron skillet on the side burner, then tossing them in a white truffle infused Buffalo sauce!

Smoked Fried Truffalo Wings



For the Truffalo Sauce:



Preheat a Lodge 8” Cast Iron Skillet over medium heat (on a burner). Add all ingredients for the Truffalo Sauce. Bring to a simmer. Whisk. Cook for about 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Transfer the sauce to a bowl or mason jar.


Place a Napoleon Charcoal Tray in the center of the Napoleon Phantom Prestige 500RSIB. Turn on the center burners under the charcoal tray and set to LOW heat. The grill temperature will be around 300°F.


Place a Finex 12” Cast Iron Skillet on the side burner. Fill about 1/3 full with vegetable oil. Heat and stabilize the oil temperature 375°F.


Combine the corn starch and R Butts R Smokin’ R Steak Rub and mix well, coat the wings in the mixture.


Place a few small chunks of smoking wood in the charcoal basket, directly over the burners. Light with a torch, if necessary, to start producing smoke.

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Smoke the wings on the second shelf for about 20 minutes. Turn off the heat inside the grill.


Working in batches (typically 3 whole wings at a time), fry the wings in the skillet until golden brown. Flip and continue cooking until the internal temperature reaches 175°F. Remove from the oil and place in the grill to warm.


When all wings are fried, transfer from the grill to a large bowl. Add the Truffalo Sauce and toss to coat.


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