Grilled Oysters with Chorizo Butter on a Fire Pit

Grilled Oysters with Chorizo Butter Recipe

Learn how to cook this great oyster dish over a fire pit. With a scratch made chorizo butter, this will be a cookout classic.

Grilled Oysters with Chorizo Butter Recipe



Build a fire in a fire pit. Start with a charcoal chimney of lump charcoal, dump the coals then add desired wood. We used chunks of cherry and pecan. When the fire is burning hot, place a Lodge Logic 10” Cast Iron Skillet on a grate, about 4" over the fire. Add the Mexican chorizo (recipe) to the pan and cook all the way through. Move off to the side of fire.

Place the oysters, flat side up, over the coals and cook until shells open. Meanwhile, add the butter, lime juice and Cattleman’s Grill 8 Second Ride to the pan of chorizo and whisk while the butter melts.

Once the oysters have all opened detach the oyster and remove the top shell, leaving the oyster in the bottom shell. Place on a serving platter and spoon the chorizo butter over the oysters in their shells. Sprinkle the cilantro and lime zest over all the oysters. By this time the shells should be cool enough to serve.

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