Sweet & Spicy Dry Ribs

Recipe for Sweet & Spicy Dry Ribs

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It's true that opposites attract; because these Sweet and Spicy ribs are just oh-so good! Try this recipe for an awesome new flavor combination.

Sweet & Spicy Dry Ribs Recipe



Trim any excess fat from your ribs and remove the membrane from the bone side using a paper towel to help your grip.

Lightly coat the ribs with the olive oil and layer Plowboys Yardbird Rub and Cattleman's Grill 8 Second Ride Carne Asada Seasoning on the ribs. Let the ribs sit for 30 minutes to allow the rub to absorb into the meat.

Preheat your Yoder Smokers YS640 (or other grill) to 250°F. Place the ribs on the smoker meat side up and let them cook until finished. Unlike many rib recipes, we will not be wrapping these ribs. They will cook totally dry until they are tender.

Depending on the type and size of rib you choose this will take between four and five hours. Once the ribs pass the bend test (when picked up in the center of the rib they will have little spring and the meat will begin to tear in the middle under its own weight).

Once the ribs are finished, place them on a cutting board and let them rest for fifteen minutes. When you are ready to cut the ribs, flip them meat side down so you can see when the bones are. With a good slicing knife cut the ribs into even strips.

Serve with Firebug Grilling Sauce Hot BBQ Sauce on the side and enjoy!

This recipe was prepared on a Yoder Smokers YS640.

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