Crispy Chicken & Veggie Teriyaki

How to make Crispy Chicken & Veggie Teriyaki on the Grill

Chef Tom fires up the Kamado Joe Kettle Joe to share a unique technique for producing Crispy Chicken & Veggie Teriyaki!

Crispy Chicken & Veggie Teriyaki

Yield: 4 servings




Debone the chicken thighs. Salt the skin and let sit for about 30 min.


Build small hot bed of charcoal in the fire box of the Kettle Joe. Bank to one side.


Place a half moon cast iron griddle on the top of the ceramic fire box. Immediately place the thighs on the cold cast iron, skin side down. Season the meat side of the thighs with Bone Suckin’ Steak Seasoning.


Cook until skin is fully seared and crispy. Flip and transfer to standard grate even with the lip of the grill. Cook to 175ºF internal.


Remove the cast iron griddle. Place a lodge 10” skillet (handle-less) directly on the coals.

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Place Chile oil in the skillet. Add onions, mushrooms, sprouts. Cook until softened. Add teriyaki sauce and lime juice. Toss to coat.


Slice chicken and add to skillet. Toss to coat. Serve the mixture over jasmine rice, topped with sliced green onions.


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