Too Easy: Chicken Caesar Sandwich

Too Easy: Chicken Caesar Sandwich


Looking for an easy dinner this week? You've come to the right place! Join us for our new Too Easy series with this Chicken Caesar Sandwich. This tantalizing dish serves up to four and promises a symphony of taste sensations. Beginning with tender, succulent slices of store-bought rotisserie chicken, infused with the robust essence of Cattleman’s Grill Blackening Seasoning and rejuvenated with a splash of savory chicken stock, this sandwich boasts a depth of flavor that's unmatched. Utilizing the Cornhusker Kitchen Spray Duck Fat on the griddle of your preheated Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill ensures a crispy golden exterior to the ciabatta rolls, perfectly complementing the melty provolone cheese that crowns each slice. But the magic doesn't stop there. A harmonious blend of creamy mayonnaise, elevated with the richness of concentrated roasted garlic base and a sprinkle of Cattleman’s Grill Italiano Seasoning, adds a luxurious touch to the sandwich. Topped with a vibrant slice of tomato and a generous heap of Caesar chopped salad kit, dressed to perfection, every layer adds its own distinct note to this culinary symphony. Get ready to level up your sandwich game to new heights with this masterpiece of flavor and texture.



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