Texas Style Brisket

How to make Texas Style Brisket

Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers Loaded Wichita Offset Smoker for Texas Style Brisket! 


Light a chimney of lump charcoal in the fire box of the Yoder Smokers Loaded Wichita Offset Smoker. When the coals burn red to the top, dump in the back half of the fire box. Lay 2-3 splits of oak wood on top to immediately burn and lay one more split against the front wall of the fire box to warm for later.


Adjust the airflow to stabilize the temperature around 250ºF. Roll the warming log over onto the coal bed about every 45 minutes to maintain the 250ºF temperature, replacing the warming log with a new log each time.


Trim your brisket, removing any hard fat from the surface. Shave the soft fat down to about 1/4” thickness across the fat cap. Trim any fat and silver skin from the meat side of the brisket. Round corners and remove thin areas that will char up during the smoking process.


Rub the brisket with a very thin layer of melted tallow. Season generously on all sides with Cattleman’s Grill Lone Star Brisket Rub. Press the rub into the meat and allow to tack up.


Place the brisket on the smoker, point side (fat end) toward the fire box, and fat cap up (flat on bottom, point on top).


Smoke until a dark crisp bark is formed and the internal temperature surpasses 165ºF, about 7-8 hours.


Remove the brisket from the smoker and transfer to two long (5 foot) sheets of butcher paper laid out to overlap one another width-wise in the center. Spread a layer of beef tallow under the brisket and on top of the brisket. Fold over the end of the paper to cover the top of the birkset, then fold in the sides of the paper to wrap the edges. Roll tightly to fully encase the brisket in butcher paper.


Return the brisket to the smoker, still cooking fat side up.

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You may now run a slightly hotter fire, but keep it below 300ºF. Continue cooking until the brisket offers very little resistance when probed with a thermometer and the internal temperature surpasses 205ºF.


Remove the brisket from the smoker and rest it inside the wrap.

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For a quick rest, let it sit at least two hours at room temperature, fully wrapped. The internal temperature should come down into the 150sºF.


For a long rest, wrap in foil and a towel and rest in a cooler 4-8 hours before slicing.


Slice and serve with Plowboys BBQ KC Crossroads BBQ Sauce, pickled onions, Holmes Made Dad's Spicy Dill Pickles and white bread.


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