How to make Turkey Gravy

How to make Turkey Gravy

The liquid gold behind any juicy turkey is the gravy. Chef Tom shows how to make a standout gravy using a handful of simple ingredients. The key to a savory Turkey Gravy is homemade turkey stock and drippings from a roasted turkey.

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  • Comment Author: John Baranowski

    Your turkey gravy recipe is great but if I may suggest one thing that I grew up with whenn we have turkey/chicken gravy and that is we take the parts that we made the turky/chicken stock from and chopped them into very small chunks and add to the gracy mix. Parts described would be the gibblets, heart, meat off the neck bone. I usually buy a small package of the gibblets seperate to use in the preparation of the stock and use that.

  • Comment Author: SBI

    What is the difference between turkey fat and turkey drippings? The receipt mentions both.

  • Comment Author: Reuben Prichard

    Based on the flavoring of the fat/stock/drippings. Adding powered garlic & onion powder and possibly fine ground poultry seasoning (a bit at a time) can “step up” the flavor.

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