Savory Herb Roasted Turkey

Savory Herb Roasted Turkey


Chef Tom roasts the perfect Thanksgiving turkey using ATBBQ's Savory Herb Turkey Kit. He spatchcocks and brines the turkey before roasting it on the YS 640s Pellet Smoker. The result is a flavorful, juicy turkey the whole family will enjoy and beg for more.



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  • Comment Author: Jesse @ ATBBQ

    JJ – Tom is using the Cangshan S Series 11" Slicing Knife
    Robert – There is a print icon button that lays out the recipe for print right above the ingredients

  • Comment Author: Robert Farnlof

    Wish your web guys would code the ability to print these recipes.

  • Comment Author: JJ

    What KNIFE was Chef Tom using to slice up that 14lb. mound of goodness?

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