ATBBQ Stackable Grill Prep & Serve Trays

ATBBQ Stackable Grill Prep & Serve Trays

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Simplify and enhance your grilling experience with our color-coded grill prep and serve trays. Designed for ease and safety, these trays feature a smart color-coding system: place raw meat on the orange tray and position the black tray underneath. Carry both trays to the grill, and when you're ready to cook, switch them so the black one is on top, ready for your cooked meat. This nested design effectively prevents cross-contamination between uncooked and cooked proteins, ensuring food safety while grilling.

Constructed from shatter-resistant melamine, these trays are not only durable but also BPA-free for added peace of mind. Additionally, they are dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning after each use. Thanks to their non-porous surface, the trays won't absorb flavors or odors, maintaining the integrity of your ingredients. Upgrade your grilling setup with these convenient and practical trays, making grilling meat easier, safer, and more enjoyable.


  • Set of two color-coded melamine in trays safely transport and separate raw and cooked meat - prevents cross-contamination
  • Shatter-resistant melamine construction - BPA Free
  • Trays don't absorb flavors or odors
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 17" x 10.5"

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