Dr. Pepper Spare Ribs

Dr. Pepper Spare Ribs


Expect the unexpected with Chef Tom’s Dr. Pepper Spare Ribs. They are Savory Sweet and fun to eat! Can you handle the taste? Short ribs that are smoked and then braised in Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper it makes the world and short ribs taste better especially when they are slathered with Dr. Pepper reduction sauce. This is just what the doctor ordered.



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  • Comment Author: Jesse at ATBBQ

    The snake method works for the cook. It may just take a little longer but that is exactly what we would be doing and the temp doesn’t sound to far off where we think it should be.

  • Comment Author: Raymond Lough

    I have a WSM smoker that I set up using the snake method for low and slow. The ribs I put on the rack to be smoked were at room temp. That was at 1130 am. The WSM maintained a temp or 200 degrees F. At 1530 the meat thermometer read only 107 degrees F. Is the snake method not right to smoke pork ribs ? I plan on adding more Kingsford briquets to to the minion method to get the temp up to 250-300 degrees? I used apple as my smoke source.
    Any advice? I am a beginning griller and WSM user at 78 yrs old!

  • Comment Author: Dr J B Boren

    If you can skip the commercial grade stuff and get your hands on some real Dublin Dr Pepper (or a copy, since it is hard to find), you’ll get a lot more flavor.

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