Jerk Pulled Pork with Jamaican Rice & Beans


Transport your taste buds to the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean with this tantalizing Jerk Pulled Pork with Rice & Beans recipe. Featuring a Boston Butt Pork Shoulder coated in Yellow Bird Habanero Hot Sauce and Plowboys BBQ Jerk Seasoning, the meat is slowly smoked overnight, infusing it with rich, smoky flavors. Once the pork develops a dark mahogany bark, it's wrapped in a zesty mixture of pineapple, orange, lime juices, and habanero heat for added succulence. Simultaneously, Rancho Gordo Avócate Morado beans are gently simmered until tender, ready to mingle with fragrant brown rice, creamy coconut milk, and a blend of peppers and spices. Finally, the tender pulled pork is shredded by hand, creating a mouthwatering centerpiece to be served atop the aromatic rice and beans, delivering an unforgettable taste experience inspired by the tropics.



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  • Comment Author: Brian D Schraeder

    If your butt isn’t at 160 after 8-10 hours,, you have a problem

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