How to make Honey Chipotle Spatchcock Turkey

Honey Chipotle Spatchcock Turkey


Indulge in a culinary masterpiece with our Honey Chipotle Spatchcock Turkey recipe! Imagine succulent turkey infused with a tantalizing blend of smoky chipotle, sweet honey, and rich butter, all melded together in a mouthwatering injection. The result? Juicy, flavor-packed meat enveloped in a perfectly crispy skin. Our signature Ancho & Chipotle brine bath ensures every bite is a symphony of taste. This recipe promises a show-stopping centerpiece for your table, embodying the essence of festive feasting. Elevate your holiday gathering with this extraordinary turkey, a culinary journey that will leave guests raving and coming back for seconds!



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  • Comment Author: Cindy Oneal

    OMG! Thank you! It was a big turkey ever!

  • Comment Author: Robin Haas

    Made this for the family today. It was a huge hit. Will probably become the new tradition. Very moist and great flavor.

  • Comment Author: Ray Tarango

    Absolutely the best turkey I have ever cooked and tasted. The juiciest bird ever, the sauce was tweaked a little with more chipotle and salt and pepper. Great dipping sauce. The skin was not as crisp as I would have liked but I think if you turned it up to high heat for the last 15 minutes, this would have solved this problem.

  • Comment Author: David Tolbert

    What would be a good way to make a gravy for this recipe?

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