Duck Fat Smashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes reimagined in the most delicious way! Fire up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for these Duck Fat Smashed Potatoes with Pancetta Gravy! 

Chef Britt shows us how to make a jam-like sauce that's perfect to pair with turkey, chicken or pork. This is the first of our Sides on Sauce video series debuting just in time for the holidays. 



Barbecue Smoked Carrots 

Chef Britt shows us a new side to bring to the holiday table: Barbecue Smoked Carrots! They get roasted on the grill in a spicy and sweet glaze, and served with a cool yogurt sauce and herbaceous parsley pesto! 



Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts

Chef Tom is grilling up one of his favorite veggies on the Yoder Smokers Pellet Grill. It’s Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts! Warm weather or cold, special occasion or just a weeknight meal, these brussels sprouts are ready for any event. 



Sweet Potato Casserole

Chef Britt shows us a spin on a holiday classic: Sweet Potato Casserole! She makes smoky sweet potato mash and tops it all with homemade marshmallow fluff! 



Turkey Gravy

Chef Tom brings together his made-from-scratch Turkey Stock and the turkey drippings from the Smoked Holiday Turkey to create this flavor packed Turkey Gravy! Bonus recipe: Garlic Potato Puree!

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