How to make Chile Colorado

Chile Colorado


Chile Colorado is a Mexican red Chile beef or pork stew. Chef Tom’s beef of choice is brisket and chorizo simmered in an earthy, flavorful red chile sauce made from dried red chiles. Add some warming spices and potatoes for a hearty stew that screams fall.



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  • Comment Author: Bryan

    @Doug, I’m probably dropping my temp down to 250-300 for the braise.

  • Comment Author: Doug G.

    Hey there ,I didn’t catch where and at what temp you are supposed to “simmer the stew” at, surely you don’t keep the Komodo Joe at 500 degs. to simmer for 2 – 21/2 hrs. Right ? You would burn everything to the bottom of that cast oven with the heat retention even with stirring for that long at that temp!

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