Texas Brisket Chili Recipe

Texas Brisket Chili


Chef Tom fires up the Kamado Joe Classic III Ceramic Charcoal Grill to share his version of Texas Chili. Homemade chile base, no beans, and best of all… smoked brisket! It’s Texas Brisket Chili!


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  • Comment Author: Ryan

    Just took home the blue ribbon at the office chili cook off with this recipe. Thanks for sharing! Only addition I made was some Taza Oaxacan chocolate.

  • Comment Author: Russell

    Recipe doesn’t indicate when to add blended chilis into the process. From my experience with working with dried chilis, I strained the blended product to eliminate any leftover seeds or skins that maybe bitter.

  • Comment Author: Jesse at ATBBQ

    It is smart to spread out prep time for big cooks and we do it all the time.

  • Comment Author: Steve

    Is it OK to do the multi step recipie over several days? I would like to prep the chilies today, and put in frig overnight then begin the sauted onions/garlic and spices tomorrow. I already have about 3 pounds of brisket in the freezer, which still has some rendering to do, which I plan to add to the onion mix either tomorrow or later. Need to have it ready to go on Sunday for a chili cookoff. May freeze or refrigerate till Sunday. Thoughts?

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