Smoked Pulled Ham

Smoked Pulled Ham


You’ll pig out with Chef Tom’s Smoked Pulled Ham. This pulled perfection is an innovative twist to the slow smoking of ham, reminiscent of the process used for pork shoulder. It promises to be an experience unlike any other, allowing you to effortlessly shred ham with your fingertips and serve it to a hungry crowd.



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  • Comment Author: Jeff R

    Is this an already cooked Ham?

  • Comment Author: Brian Adams

    Looks amazing!
    How many 7-8lb ham’s would I need to cook to serve 350 people for Christmas.

  • Comment Author: dan (bubba) peterson

    can’t wait to try this!!!!

  • Comment Author: Bob

    Looks awesome, Tom! I’ll surely be trying this one out this weekend with my family out. I’ll probably try a different dry rub and hot sauce combo, but this idea is genius!

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