Yoder Smokers Pork Rub - 14 oz.

Yoder Smokers Pork Rub - 14 oz.

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Introducing Yoder Smokers signature pork BBQ rub, meticulously crafted for unparalleled flavor and quality. This special blend features a perfect balance of salt, sugar, and paprika, along with a secret blend of other spices, ensuring every bite is bursting with savory goodness. The addition of garlic enhances the aroma and depth of flavor, taking your pork dishes to new heights. You can trust that this rub will maintain its freshness and quality, meal after delicious meal. 

With a blend of sweetness, saltiness, and smokiness, Yoder Smokers Pork Rub delivers a flavor profile that stands out from the crowd. While originally crafted for pork chops, ribs, and butts, its versatility knows no bounds - it works wonders on chicken, eggs, pasta salad, fries, and beyond. This rub doesn't just add flavor; it enhances the appearance of your dishes with its rich barbecue color. Prepare to elevate your recipes to new heights with this one-of-a-kind seasoning. With each bite, you'll experience a bold, smoky taste that brings out the best in your meals, making them truly shine!

14 oz. shaker

Ingredients: salt, sugar, paprika, and other spices, dehydrated garlic, and not more than 1.0% silicon dioxide added to prevent caking.

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