Cajun Pork Ribs


Experience the vibrant flavors of the South with these Cajun Pork Ribs, a southern creation that marries tender baby back ribs with a fiery Cajun flair. Crafted with precision on a Yoder Smokers YS1500s Outlander Pellet Grill, these ribs boast a tantalizing blend of spices and sauces that infuse each bite with robust flavor. From the slathering of Kozlik’s Dijon Mustard to the generous dusting of Cattleman’s Grill Cajun Fusion Rub, every step ensures the meat is imbued with layers of heat and depth. As the ribs slowly smoke, a rich mahogany-colored bark forms, signaling the savory feast to come. Yet, it's the wrap braise that truly elevates these ribs, as they luxuriate in a decadent mixture of butter, hot sauce, honey, and bourbon, culminating in irresistible tenderness. Finished with a drizzle of the savory liquid from the foil wrap, these Cajun Pork Ribs are poised to delight palates and ignite culinary passions.



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  • Comment Author: Brittany @ ATBBQ

    This recipe can absolutely be used on a loaded Wichita.

  • Comment Author: Gregory Spight

    Can I use this recipe on my loaded Wichita?

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