Cattleman's Grill Pit Fire Hot Sauce

Cattleman's Grill Pit Fire Hot Sauce

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Crafted from aged red peppers and vinegar, Cattleman's Grill Pit Fire Hot Sauce is a timeless classic, boasting a perfect balance of fiery heat and tangy zest. Versatile and flavorful, it enhances everything from chili to homemade wing sauce, adding a delicious kick to your favorite dishes. Elevate your culinary creations with this essential condiment that promises to ignite your taste buds with every savory bite.

Indulge your craving for fiery flavor with Cattleman's Grill Pit Fire Hot Sauce. Our unique blend of spices is meticulously crafted to deliver a taste sensation like no other. Made in small batches for ultimate freshness, each mouthful bursts with bold and intense flavor that's sure to satisfy your hunger. Treat your taste buds to the irresistible allure of Cattleman's Grill Pit Fire Hot Sauce today!

5 oz. bottle

Ingredients: cayenne peppers, salt, vinegar, and xanthan gum


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