Our Favorite Flavors

Review of Rubs and Marinades

Our Favorite Flavors

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and wondered how the meat had such a wonderful balance of flavors? Maybe you've encountered a familiar flavor that you never imagined would work well combined with roast or pork. It all comes down to the spice combinations and applications.  You can surprise your family or friends with your next meal by adding the flavors below.  Your meal will taste like it was created by a 5-star chef.

Cattleman's Grill Ranchero Seasoning

Introduced in 2017, Cattleman's Grill Ranchero quickly exploded into the #1 seasoning for the Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking season. Ranchero begins with a savory base and adds a hint of citrus and aromatics to amp up the (traditional savory) flavors, the result is an amazing poultry seasoning that works well on beef and pork as well.

"Great rub for my turkey. One of the best in a bottle I've ever used! Really went a long way to enhancing the cattleman's brine. Didn't add anything to it but smoke and the bird was my best ever...just ask my family!" Roger, 11/29/17

  1. Cattleman's Grill Ranchero Seasoning
    Cattleman's Grill Ranchero Seasoning
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Cattleman’s Grill Tri-Tip Seasoning

Cattleman’s Grill Tri-Tip rub is so authentic that even Californian’s think we invented it. The secret? Ultra-fresh ingredients sourced from the region. This coarse blend delivers authentic flavor and builds a wonderful texture on the meat. Amazing on beef, equally good on pork and regularly used to season chicken for fajitas. But it doesn’t stop there, it’s a huge hit in our green beans casserole, garlic bread, soup and more.

"This rub is great on everything! Lot of garlic flavor with just the right amount of other herbs." Dave 6/27/18

Cattleman's Grill Original Cowboy Seasoning

Cattleman's Grill Original Cowboy is our signature blend of the Chuckwagon Cooks’ staples, featuring a raw cane sugar, kosher salt, coarse ground coffee, and paprika. Tenderness, texture and taste, that’s what you get with this rub. Coffee acts as a tenderizer. This blend creates a beautiful crust creating that desired texture. The combination of these soothing earthy flavors are the perfect companion for the perfect steak, yet it lets the beef be the star of the bite.

"Surprisingly, the coffee flavor doesn't come through all that strongly, but it is evident that it's working on the meat to bring out a more in-depth flavor of the meat. I've tried this on some ribeyes and chuckeyes thus far, and both exceeded my expectations." Christian 2/1/18

Cattleman's Grill Smoky Chipotle Seasoning

Cattleman's Grill Smoky Chipotle seasoning is a twist on our Original Coffee rub. It adds the zesty Southwestern aroma of chipotle peppers to the core rub ingredients of coffee, sugar, salt, and paprika. Great on steak, also excellent on pork loin, chops, and chicken.

Smoky Chipotle's dusky, mellow heat is perfect for just about any cut of meat but will shine on your holiday prime rib.

"Love this rub! I use it on all cuts of beef and often give jars away to people who rave about my tasty steaks. Lots of flavor and not too spicy but with just the right amount of kick to keep it interesting." Vicki Sportz 5/1/2018

Sweetwater Spice Lemon Thyme Turkey Bath

Sweetwater Spice Lemon Thyme Turkey Baths’ lemon juice base delivers citrus notes that are enhanced by ginger and coriander seed, then spiced by mustard seed and white pepper, and rounded out with thyme and rosemary. Think classic, savory holiday flavors with a citrus twist. Perfect for turkey, chicken, pork and fish.

"Family loved it, said they will not eat turkey any other way." Rich, 1/1/17

We suggest pairing with Cattleman’s Grill Ranchero Rub or Cattleman's Grill Trail Dust All Purpose Rub.

Sweetwater Spice Classic Holiday Turkey Bath

Our Sweetwater Spice Classic Holiday Turkey Bath evokes memories of holidays past when the rich aromas begin to fill your kitchen. Based on the classic holiday roasting recipe, Classic Holiday begins with an apple juice base, the adds paprika, black peppercorns, rosemary, sage, lemon and orange zest. This flavor is designed to accent the protein, not overpower it and is often described as lending the flavor of pan gravy to the meat.
Magic on Turkey, also great on other poultry and pork.

"Fantastic brine for your holiday turkey. Easy to follow directions, great balance of flavors, and wonderful end product." BBQ Rev, 11/28/2017

We suggest pairing with Cattleman’s Grill Ranchero Rub.

Sweetwater Spice Apple Spice Butt & Rib Bath

Sweetwater Spice Apple Spice Butt & Rib Bath starts with apple juice, cinnamon, and brown sugar and is then infused with smoked paprika and cayenne to provide the ultimate flavor combination for pork. Seriously, this flavor combination will elevate your pork shoulder, loin or ribs to blue ribbon status.

To enhance the bark on your pork, strain the used brine through a mesh colander to catch the spices in the brine. Re-apply these as a wet rub prior to smoking. Or apply them as a binder before applying a dry rub.

Sweetwater Spice Ancho Chipotle Bath

Sweetwater Spice Ancho Chipotle Bath blends the earthiness of smoked ancho chilies and the smoky heat of chipotle chilies with the sweetness of apple juice, tamarind, and brown sugar. This barbecue centric bath concentrate really fortifies the flavor of beef while producing a moist and tender brisket. Our Ancho Chipotle Bath is phenomenal on brisket, prime rib, strip loin, and beef tenderloin.

"A great, subtle flavor that does not dominate. This makes a tender, juicy brisket every time. This also worked well for poultry!" Grant C 1/2/15


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