The Seasonings We Reach for Again and Again

The Seasonings We Reach for Again and Again


Our Favorite Flavors

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and wondered how the meat had such a wonderful balance of flavors? Maybe you've encountered a familiar flavor that you never imagined would work well combined with roast or pork. It all comes down to the spice combinations and applications. You can surprise your family or friends with your next meal by adding the flavors below. Your meal will taste like it was created by a 5-star chef.

Cattleman's Grill Ranchero Seasoning

Introduced in 2017, Cattleman's Grill Ranchero quickly became a staff and customer favorite. Ranchero begins with a savory base then adds a hint of citrus and aromatics to add depth and distinction. The result is an amazing poultry seasoning that also works well on beef, pork and vegetables.

"I can't imagine cooking chicken without this anymore. It is absolutely perfect on poultry, potatoes, and roast veggies." Matthew, 8/29/22

Cattleman’s Grill California Tri-Tip Rub & Seasoning


Cattleman’s Grill California Tri-Tip seasoning is so authentic that even Californians think we invented it. The secret? Ultra-fresh ingredients sourced from the region.

This coarse blend delivers authentic flavor and builds a wonderful texture on meat. It's amazing on beef, equally good on pork and regularly used to season chicken for fajitas. But it doesn’t stop there, it’s a huge hit in our green bean casserole, garlic bread, soup and more.

"This rub is great on everything! Lot of garlic flavor with just the right amount of other herbs." Dave 6/27/18

Cattleman's Grill Trail Dust All-Purpose Rub


A truly all-purpose seasoning, Cattleman's Grill Trail Dust All-Purpose Rub is a balanced blend of cracked black pepper, salt and garlic. To that base, thyme and mustard seed bring in an earthy flavor while red pepper and parsley brighten it up. The result is a do-it-all seasoning that has endless applications.

"Hands down my favorite rub - love the flavors and textures. I use this in conjunction with my other favorite rubs to give bark that extra crunch. Kudos to Chef Tom on such a brilliant creation!" Martin 12/9/21

Cattleman's Grill Mexicano Rub & Taco Seasoning


Do not sleep on this beautifully crafted Southwest style seasoning. Yes, Cattleman's Grill Mexicano Rub & Taco Seasoning is great for fajitas and tacos, but you'll quickly realize it's the perfect complement to eggs, veggies, and other grilled meats as well. Cumin, smoked paprika, and chile pepper lead the pack to liven up your meals any day of the week.

"Have used this for fish tacos and my chicken for chicken tortilla soup. Both have tasted amazing with this! Great flavor profile without a crazy kick that the entire family loves!" Loren, 1/17/22

Cattleman's Grill Butcher House Brine


Few products have gone viral with our customers quite as fast as Cattleman's Grill Butcher House Brine. This flavorful blend of salt, garlic, brown sugar, onion and spices adds a subtle flavor to meat and helps it stay moist while cooking. Created to complement a wide variety of seasonings, our customers (and our staff) reach for this one over and over again.

"I use this brine as a base or foundation for pork, beef, or poultry. I then use Cattleman's Grill seasonings almost exclusively. You can't beat it!" James, 1/30/23

Sweetwater Spice Lime Jalapeno Brine Concentrate


This fan favorite brine will add moisture and depth of flavor to any meat you choose. The blend of pineapple and lime juice along with the potent herbal bouquet of Mexican oregano, cumin, and cilantro produce a bright and savory flavor. This flavor is designed to accent the protein, not overpower it. You'll add the final layer of flavor with whatever seasoning you use!

We suggest pairing with Cattleman’s Grill Trail Dust or Mexicano seasoning.

"I ordered the Sweetwater Spice Lime Jalapeno Fajita Bath after searching for a fajita marinade recipe and reading such good reviews for this product. We tried it for the first time last night and hands down, my chicken fajitas were the best I've ever made our had out!" Julie, 8/1/22

Sweetwater Spice Ancho Chipotle Bath


Sweetwater Spice Ancho Chipotle Bath blends the earthiness of smoked ancho chilies and the smoky heat of chipotle chilies with the sweetness of apple juice, tamarind, and brown sugar. Smoked paprika and cumin add smoky notes while onion, garlic and cinnamon add complexity.

This barbecue-centric bath concentrate fortifies meaty flavor while producing a moist and tender meal. Our Ancho Chipotle Bath is phenomenal on beef cuts like brisket, prime rib and strip loin. We also like it on pork tenderloin, chicken thighs, venison and pheasant.

"This marinade (along with the fajita bath) have become a normally stocked item in my pantry. I use it at least once a week for my tri tip, fajitas, asada, or steaks." Preston, 4/5/2023