Cattleman's Grill Butcher House Brine

Cattleman's Grill Butcher House Brine

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Elevate your culinary creations with Cattleman's Grill Butcher House Brine, a carefully crafted blend of savory and aromatic ingredients designed to enhance the natural flavors of your favorite meats. Made with premium quality garlic, rich brown sugar, savory onion, and a harmonious blend of spices, this versatile brine infuses your poultry, pork, or beef with irresistible depth and complexity. Whether you're preparing succulent roasted chicken, tender pork chops, or juicy beef brisket, this brine delivers unparalleled flavor and juiciness, ensuring a memorable dining experience every time. Unlock the full potential of your meats and impress your family and friends with the mouthwatering taste of Cattleman's Grill Butcher House Brine.

The spices used in all Cattleman's Grill formulations have been meticulously picked for quality and taste. Each product has been mixed, tested, tasted, and refined over and over until the perfect flavor blend is achieved. This isn't your run-of-the-mill, grocery store spice blend. Every small batch is blended fresh and doesn't sit on a shelf losing flavor. The Cattleman's Grill brand epitomizes quality, freshness, and flavor.

Ingredients: salt, dehydrated brown sugar, sugar, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, and spice.


Butcher House Brine instructions:

Small Portion Ratios: mix 6 tablespoons of Butcher House Brine per 1-quart of water. Immerse protein in the brine solution, place in refrigerator for 4 – 6 hours.

1-Pound Bag Ratio: mix 1-pound Butcher House Brine with 5-quarts water. Immerse protein in the brine solution, place in refrigerator overnight.

Injection Directions: mix 1/4 cup Butcher House Brine with 16 oz water. Inject up to 1-fluid oz of mixture per pound of meat. Let rest 4 - 6 hours in the refrigerator before cooking.

Dry brine instructions: Season all surfaces evenly, according to the size of the protein. Smaller items such as steaks, chops and chicken pieces should be lightly dusted with the brine powder. Poultry, such as whole or spatchcock chickens and turkeys, should be seasoned thoroughly, on and under the skin. Large, thick roasts such as pork loin, pork shoulder, prime rib or other roasts should be seasoned generously. Dry brine for 45-60 minutes for smaller items, and overnight or up to 3 days for poultry and larger roasts. Do not rinse brine from the surface before cooking.

Cattleman's Grill Butcher House Brine is a flavorful blend of salt, garlic, brown sugar, onion & spices. Perfect for poultry, pork or beef.

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