Solo Stove Bonfire - Smokeless & Portable Wood Burning Fire Pit in Stainless Steel, 19.5" Diameter

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Light on smoke, high on efficiency and fun! Solo Stove is an innovative product designed to burn hot and efficient with very little smoke output; this means less chance of smoky clothes or burning eyes. 
The science is simple - Solo Stove features a double-wall design with strategically placed air intake holes at the bottom. Air is sucked into the bottom of the structure and heated oxygen rises to the top to produce a hot flame with minimal smoke. This also means less ash for an easier clean-up. The internal heat pan collects ash to prevent it from impeding airflow; this pan also acts as a heat shield to reduce heat transfer to the ground beneath the fire pit. 
When using on a wood deck, it is recommended to use the Solo Stove stand that fits your fire pit to allow more airflow and prevent overheating.

Solo Stove Bonfire Features:

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Low Smoke
  • Fuel: Firewood Logs, hardwoods perform best (birch, maple, hickory, oak)
  • 304-Stainless Steel
  • 19.5" total diameter, 17.5" fire pit opening, 14" tall
  • 20lbs

Cleaning information:

After fire pit is cooled, turn upside down to empty ash. Store fire pit in a cool, dry place.


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More Information
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Manufacturer's Part Number (MPN) SSBON


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