1: What are All Things Barbecue's store hours?

All Things Barbecue's Store Hours are:

10AM - 6PM Monday through Friday.
10AM - 5PM on Saturday.

We are closed on Sundays.

2:  How does an offset smoker work?

Offset smokers consist of the firebox - (the smaller box), the cooking chamber - (where most of the cooking takes place), and an additional vertical cooking chamber, if you choose a Yoder Smokers Durango model.

Begin by building a fire in the firebox. The heat then flows out of the firebox, through the cooking chamber, and out the chimney.

Control the rate of burn and the heat produced primarily by the main butterfly damper on the firebox door. To a lesser degree the damper on the chimney is also used to fine tune the heat in the cooking chamber.

3:  Can I grill as well as smoke on an offset smoker?

Yes, there are three ways that you can cook on an offset smoker:

  1. Grill direct: By this you build a charcoal fire directly below the cooking grates and grill directly over the coals.
  2. Grill indirectly: To do this, you build a fire in the firebox and run the dampers more toward the open position to allow the temperature in the cooking chamber to run at 350 degrees and above. With this method of cooking your fuel typically starts with a charcoal base, and then split wood is added to provide the heat and the flavor.
  3. Slow smoking, also known as barbecuing: This technique is accomplished just like indirect grilling except that the temperature is held at, or below 250 degrees. This is how you accomplish tender meat with a rich, smoky flavor.
4:  How does packaging and shipping work on a backyard smoker?

The unit will be banded to a pallet and then shrink wrapped. The delivery truck will be equipped with a lift gate that then lowers the pallet to the ground, so all that is needed is to cut the bands and roll the unit into place.

5:  Is assembly required on a Yoder Smoker?

The unit is fully welded so the only assembly that is required is to install the thermometer in the door and to remove the bolt that holds the damper in place. Turn the damper around so that the handle is now facing outward, reinstall and tighten the bolt.

6:  On a Yoder Smoker, are the cooking and the charcoal/wood grates removable?

Yes, all of the grates are removable.

7:  Is a tool included to clean out the ash in the firebox of a Yoder Smoker?

Yes, an ash cleanout tool is included.

8:  Can I cook with a Yoder Smoker when the temperatures are below freezing?

You can cook all year long no matter the temperature with a Yoder Smoker.

9:  How long will a Yoder Smoker last?

Yoder Smokers are constructed from 1/4” steel and are guaranteed for life against burnout.

10: Do you ship outside of the USA?

Yes we do! Please visit our international section to see items that can be shipped internationally.

Do you have a question that was not addressed here? Please submit it to us at support@atbbq.com.