How to mix a Smoked Manhattan Cocktail

Smoked Manhattan Cocktail


One of our favorite new toys here at All Things Barbecue is a smoke infuser. This tool allows you to quickly infuse smoke in things that you’d have a hard time smoking on a grill or smoker, like ice cream.

Of course, with New Year’s Eve right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to impress with a smoked cocktail!

Our take on the Manhattan features Knob Creek’s straight rye whiskey. This is a 100 proof whiskey that stands up well to the sweetness of the sweet vermouth.

And we found that the spiciness of the rye really compliments the drink.

The smoke infuser is a simple concept, really. Fine particles of wood are placed in the chamber on top of a mesh screen. A fan pulls air from above the wood and sends it through the end of the gun.

The wood is ignited with a lighter, and the steady flow of air allows the wood to burn and create smoke using only the power of the fan, while putting off almost no heat. This allows you to place smoke on top of the liquid, trap that smoke (plastic wrap), and allow the smoke to infuse into the drink.


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