Blood Orange Old Fashioned

Blood Orange Old Fashioned


Have you ever dreamed of indulging in the perfect backyard cocktail, crafted with care and bursting with flavor? Well, look no further than our delightful Blood Orange Old Fashioned recipe. Imagine the aroma of charcoal grilling, mingling with the sweet tang of blood oranges, as you prepare this exquisite drink on your Yoder Smokers El Dorado Santa Maria-style grill. With a splash of bourbon, a hint of KC Canning Co. Blood Orange Ginger Shrub, and a dash of cherry juice, every sip is a journey into bliss. Let's not forget the finishing touch - a twist of charred blood orange peel and a bourbon-soaked cherry, adding that extra touch of elegance. So why not treat yourself and your loved ones to a taste of perfection? Cheers to good company and even better cocktails!



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