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How to Make Chile Crunch

Learn How to Make Chile Crunch and you'll have one of Chef Tom's favorite condiments ready to eat. Made with shallots, garlic, chiles, mushrooms and loads of other ingredients, this Chile Crunch is so versatile that you'll want to put it on everything. This taste explosion from this recipe is something you're going to want to taste again and again!

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  • Comment Author: Bob and Roslyn

    Second batch made yesterday. The prep work is tedious, but well worth the effort. Now I’m torn. Do I share, or keep it all to myself.

  • Comment Author: David Walker

    You were right – it’s a bit of work, but SO worth it! The flavor was really good when it was done, but after letting it sit overnight … it was incredible! Mine was a bit spicy. I might have misunderstood the amount of the arbol chiles. I used a cup of arbol chiles AFTER I crushed them. Perhaps you meant a cup of WHOLE arbol chiles BEFORE they were cut/crushed? The video was well done and I appreciated the tips on the knife work. Thanks!

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