How to Make Chile Crunch

How to Make Chile Crunch

Learn How to Make Chile Crunch and you'll have one of Chef Tom's favorite condiments ready to eat. Made with shallots, garlic, chiles, mushrooms and loads of other ingredients, this Chile Crunch is so versatile that you'll want to put it on everything. This taste explosion from this recipe is something you're going to want to taste again and again!

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  • Comment Author: Brittany @ ATBBQ

    Hi Sandra,
    We do sell chile crunch!

  • Comment Author: sandra mazurek

    Do you sell this chili crunch?

  • Comment Author: Alicia

    This recipe is (for real) my favorite thing on earth. I love spicy food and my husband is a huge fan of ATBBQ and he came across this recipe and decided to make it for me. I hadn’t heard of Chili Crunch at the time and was skeptical but, oh man, it changed my life. We have (mostly him) made it 4 times now. The first time we made a single batch, the second time we doubled the recipe and now we’ve decided that a triple batch is where it’s at. I just wanted to say thank you so much for inventing my favorite food. None of the other chili crunch/crisp recipes even come close to the flavors and amazingness that this recipe delivers. The oil itself is spectacular. Definitely worth the time, effort, and ingredients it takes to make it. Thank you again. Cheers

  • Comment Author: Jeff Stack

    I usually LOVE all of Chef Tom’s recipes. This one is no exception. HOWEVER, after making it, I would certainly point out some key points left out in the video. Points that realistically should be considered when making it.

    1. It’s VERY spicy! I can handle it for the most part, but because this recipe makes so much, if you’re going to be sharing with friends or putting it out for guests, they may not be able to handle it. I would cut-back on the dried arbol peppers to probably 1/2 cup. You CAN cut back the fresh Chili’s too, but because they’re part of the ‘crunch’, I don’t think the heat level from them contributes as much as the actual dried chili’s.

    2. Fresh ginger is VERY potent, so take special care to REALLY chop it fine and cook it well, maybe even ahead of the garlic by a few minutes, (you judge). But if you bite into a bigger piece of ginger, especially one that’s ‘raw’ in the middle still, be prepared for your mouth and tongue to freak out for a bit. Again, if giving this to friends, might be worth something to consider. You could even cut the amount in half or omit it all together by substituting more garlic and/or shallot. It’s really a personal preference.

    3. When pouring the hot oil onto the dry ingredients, add a little first so you don’t scald the dry ingredients and get a ‘burnt’ taste. Pouring the hot oil in (small) batches will allow the flavors to come out, without initially shocking the dry ingredients.

    Other than that, a GREAT recipe, much better than the simple ones floating around. I like the fact that all the flavors are pronounced and can be customized the next time around, but this one laid the groundwork, the rest is up to us!

    Keep em coming guys!


  • Comment Author: Michael Lamborn

    I recommend making a slurry of the Bachan BBQ sauce and the miso before adding to the dry ingredients. When adding hot oil to a ball of miso, it tends to just get fried on the outside.
    I used sweet soy sauce as a substitute for the Bachan sauce, which worked out ok.
    I love this recipe – thanks.

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