Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans Recipe

We’re packing big flavor into this simple, four-ingredient recipe for bacon wrapped green beans! You could put Smoke on Wheels BBQ Marinade, Cattleman’s Grill Tri-tip Seasoning, and bacon on just about anything and it’d taste great, so why not green beans?

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

Yield: 4 servings



Preheat your Yoder Smokers YS480 to 400°F.

Toss the green beans in a quarter cup of Smoke on Wheels BBQ Marinade to coat thoroughly. Season with Cattleman’s Grill Tri-tip Seasoning.

Divide the beans into four equal portions. Wrap one slice of bacon around each portion, forming a bundle. Try to overlap the bacon as little as possible, so it can cook evenly. Place the loose ends of the bacon underneath the bundle. Repeat with each portion of green beans. As you wrap the bacon, do your best not to overlap. That should ensure that all the bacon gets crispy.

Transfer the bundles to a Lodge Logic 10” Cast Iron Skillet. Place the skillet on the main cooking grate of the smoker. Cook, uncovered for about 20 minutes, until the bottom side of the bacon is browned. Roll the bundles over and cook another 5-10 minutes to brown the bacon on the other side. Remove from pan and serve warm.

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