Beef Negimaki on the Kamado Joe Classic II

Beef Negimaki Recipe

Chef Eric is joined by Chef Andy of Blue Fin Sake Bar (Wichita, KS) and they whip up some Beef Negimaki on the Kamado Joe Classic II.

Beef Negimaki Recipe



Preheat your Kamado Joe Classic II to 400º F with the Half Moon Cast Iron Griddle in place.

Slice your New York Strip steaks thinly horizontally and lay them between two pieces of plastic wrap. Pound them thin, making sure to not get them too thin, shoot for 1/8" checking as you go.

Roll out the pounded strip steak and lay scallions inside, wrapping tightly using the plastic wrap to keep the negimaki tight.

Tighten the ends of the plastic wrap to assure the beef is holding together, and using a sharp knife, cut the ends off of the roll before unwrapping.

Slice into four to six pieces depending on the size of your steak and place them on the oiled cast iron griddle. Place small pats of butter on each piece as it cooks, cook for a few minutes, waiting for the beef to caramelize before flipping. Salt and pepper to taste as it cooks.

After another minute, pour Kim's Gourmet Bourbon-Aki Sauce onto the negimaki and let it cook until the bottom of the beef has caramelized to your taste. Plate and serve.


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