Shun Sora 6" Utility Knife

Shun Sora 6" Utility Knife

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The Shun Sora 6" Utility Knife bridges the gap between a chef's knife and a paring knife, offering a narrower and straighter blade for enhanced precision in various kitchen tasks. Its versatility makes it one of the top three must-have knives for any kitchen.

Crafted with a traditional handle design using a textured PP/TPE polymer blend, this knife not only provides a contemporary aesthetic but also ensures a secure grip, optimal balance, and ease of maintenance during use.

With its blade tang extending all the way to the embossed handle medallion, the Shun Sora Utility Knife offers exceptional strength and balance, enhancing its performance and durability over time.

Handcrafted in Japan with meticulous attention to detail, this knife boasts a blade length of 6 inches, perfectly suited for a wide range of cutting, slicing, and chopping tasks in the kitchen. Whether you're trimming vegetables, slicing fruits, or performing intricate culinary techniques, the Shun Sora Utility Knife is a reliable companion for all your kitchen endeavors.


  • One of the top 3 must-have kitchen knives
  • Traditional handle design in textured PP/TPE polymer blend provides a contemporary look, secure grip and balance, and is easy to maintain
  • Blade tang extends all the way to the embossed handle medallion for strength and balance
  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Blade length: 6 in.

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