Shun Knife Care Kit

Shun Knife Care Kit

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Shun's Knife Care Kit is a comprehensive solution to maintain the pristine condition of your valuable knives. Crafted to handle natural tarnishing, discoloration, and occasional surface rust, this kit ensures your Shun knives remain in optimal form for years to come. With a carefully curated selection of tools and preventative care measures, it's an essential investment for knife enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The kit includes three polishing cloths, two for polishing and one for applying oil, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning process. Additionally, five polishing sticks in three different grits offer versatility for cleaning and polishing tasks, ensuring every inch of your knives is treated with care and precision.

To further protect your blades, the kit includes a bottle of food-grade oil (2oz) for application after cleaning, preserving the blade surface and preventing future tarnishing or rust. A talc ball, mildly abrasive, is provided to aid in cleaning the blade effectively. All components are neatly organized in a bamboo storage box, accompanied by an instruction booklet for guidance on proper knife care techniques. With Shun's Knife Care Kit, your knives will not only look their best but also perform impeccably with every use.


  • 3 polishing cloths - two for polishing, one for applying oil
  • 5 polishing sticks in 3 different grits for cleaning and polishing
  • Bottle of food-grade oil (2oz) to protect blade surface once cleaned
  • Talc ball - powder is mildly abrasive, used to clean the blade
  • Bamboo storage box and instruction booklet

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