Cangshan 3pc Olive Cheese Set with Acacia Board

Cangshan 3pc Olive Cheese Set with Acacia Board

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Elegant and innovative knife series. The handcrafted blades are made from Japanese 420J2 steel that has undergone ULTRA6 heat treatment process, resulting in razor-sharp edges with extraordinary durability. Olive wood handles are secured to the blades with three striking brass rivets. Each handle bears its own, complex wood grain, making every piece unique.
  • The 5” Soft Cheese Knife features holes in the blade that release the soft, sticky cheese after slicing.  The pronged tip is used for transferring slices from your board to a plate or cracker. This knife is the perfect pick for cheeses like Brie, feta, and goat cheese.
  • The 4” Hard Cheese Knife has a deep, curved belly to assist in the rocking motion when cutting through both semi-hard and hard cheeses, such as cheddar, swiss, and Gouda. The hollow edge creates air pockets between the food and the blade, releasing each slice after cutting.
  • The 3” Parmesan Cheese Knife has a compact blade with a sharp edge and pointed tip. The pointed tip is ideal for breaking off chunks of hard, dry cheeses like Parmesan and Romano, while the edge can be used to separate the cheese from the rind or to cut more uniform slices.
  • The Magnetic Storage Tray and Cheese Board is made of solid acacia wood, which is known for its density and smooth texture.  Use the flat side as a cheese board for an elegant table display, then flip it over to store your set safely and securely in the magnetic slots carved for each individual knife.

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