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10 Steps to Choosing
the Grill of Your Dreams!

Do your research on grill basics – materials, features, and options.

We’ve compiled an extensive post called “How to Select a Freestanding Gas Grill That Will Last” that can be found on our blog which covers these points.

Step 1:

Determine how many square inches of cooking space you’ll need. (500-600” is the most common and will cook for 4-8 people – use that as a reference point!)

Step 2:

Decide which add-ons (side burners, rotisserie, etc.) you would like your grill to have.

Step 3:

Research brands, reviews, and warranties on a wide variety of websites – even if buying in person.

Step 4:

After narrowing your search down to a few models, familiarize yourself with materials used in each model to determine which has better quality components.

Step 5:

Pay close attention to materials used for: firebox, grates, burners, and flame tamers. Stainless steel is superior to carbon steel. An abundance of plastic components is not a great sign. Grates should be very solid.

Step 6:

If purchasing in person, do the “twist test” – close the lid and twist the grill from side to side with the main handle. This will give you a decent sense of how well-constructed the grill is.

Step 7:

Look at how the lid is constructed. An insulated or double walled lid is preferable.

Step 8:

Inspect the cooking system – are there enough burners for precise control? Has there been thought put into heat distribution? Make sure the grease tray is easy to access.

Step 9:

When narrowing down models – revisit the warranty offered on each model. A robust warranty (10+ years) is a good indicator of a quality product.

Step 10:

Most importantly: make sure you can visualize yourself enjoying time outdoors cooking on your chosen grill! Your grill should be a pleasure to cook on and something that gets you grilling up exciting new meals for yourself and your loved ones.

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