Texas Turkey Breasts Recipe

Texas Turkey Breasts


Texas Turkey Breasts are a juicy and savory entrée that is perfect for a special occasion, an alternative to your Thanksgiving feast, or a barbecue gathering. Chef Tom preps two monster turkey breasts with a Texas-inspired flavor profile and smokes them on the Yoder Smokers Loaded Wichita Offset Smoker over split oak wood.



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  • Comment Author: Chris Brown

    I’ll be cooking this on my Kamado Big Joe. It will work just fine….

  • Comment Author: Jesse at ATBBQ

    Hello, I also have a YS640s pellet grill set it the same at 275 and then I followed the rest of the step directions and it was perfect.

  • Comment Author: Sandy McBee

    How would you do this on a pellet grill?


  • Comment Author: Don Cunningham

    Hello Tom,

    I have the YS640 smoker. What would you change using a pellet smoker? Temp? Time? Placement?

    Don C

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