Best Texas Style Brisket

Smoking Texas Style Brisket on a wood-fired offset smoker is a right of passage for amateur and pro pitmasters alike. Chef Tom shows you how to trim, season, and smoke this fantastic cut of meat from start to finish on the Yoder Smokers Wichita Offset Smoker.

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  • Comment Author: Brittany @ ATBBQ

    Bruce – It’s really hard to over-salt a brisket, especially when it come to the brisket point since it contains so much fat, but if I were keeping the salt to a minimum, I would use my usual amount of rub on the point end and then use less rub on the flat end.

  • Comment Author: Brittany @ ATBBQ

    Matt – I think I would go with ghee (clarified butter) before I went with stick butter. It will alter the flavor less and can handle the temperature better. Just know that the reason for the tallow is to add more beef flavor, so when you use butter you’ll get a different flavor than if you used ghee.

  • Comment Author: Bruce Claassen

    If you were going to dry brine the brisket prior to smoking with kosher salt, would the brisket rub then make it too salty? Would it better to use a low salt/no salt rub if dry brining first?

  • Comment Author: Matt Hurley

    Is there other options other than tallow, such as butter or oil?
    And is there rule of thumb how long to cook per pound of brisket ?

    Enjoy Tom’s videos and recipes .

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