How to make Smoked Egg Nog Dip

Smoked Egg Nog Dip


It's party time! If you have a reason for a dip this Christmas season, this is the one! These are a few of our favorite things... Smoked Cream Cheese, Eggnog, and Crumbled Ginger Snaps combine to make this one simple and incredible. This dip is easy to make and it's another one of Chef Tom's creative uses of cold smoked cream cheese using the YS640S. You can bring it along to any holiday gathering or just have it out at home with some cookies and we're sure everyone is going to love it! Speaking of cookies, leave this out for Santa this year and he'll load you up with gifts!



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  • Comment Author: Robert Broderick

    Made this last night on Christmas Eve. It goes out at 5:30PM with the deserts. Tastes great right now without the Snaps and Turbo Sugar. Cannot wait!!

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