Green Chile Chicken Jalapeño Poppers Recipe

Green Chile Chicken Jalapeño Poppers


If there is one thing as popular as smoked meats here at All Things Barbecue, it’s peppers. It’s not an accident that we stock the store with all kinds of chile-centric marinades, rubs, sauces, glazes, salsas and more. Our love for all things peppers is why we keep tinkering with jalapeño popper recipes. This time we’ve managed to jam more green chile into this green chile than ever before.

This time around, we’re including chicken in our poppers. We’ve chosen dark meat for its flavor and the way it holds on to moisture so well. To amplify those characteristics, we’re seasoning the meat under the skin with Chili Dawg’s Green Chile Seasoning then pulling the skin back in place. The skin layer protects the meat from the heat and allows the fat under the skin to baste the meat as it is being grilled.


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