505 Hatch Valley Flame Roasted Green Chile Medium

505 Hatch Valley Flame Roasted Green Chile Medium

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Experience the unparalleled freshness of our chile blend, carefully picked and roasted before being flash-frozen immediately after harvest. This ensures that each batch retains the just-picked flavor in every bite. Enhanced with garlic salt and a hint of lime juice, our blend not only preserves its freshness but also adds a delightful zing to your dishes.

Ideal for culinary creations or as a zesty condiment, these medium-heat chiles are versatile and add just the right amount of spicy kick to your dishes.

16oz. bottle

Ingredients: Hatch Valley Green Chile Peppers, Garlic, Salt, Lime Juice Concentrate

One of our favorite dishes around here is Chef Tom's Smoked Green Chili Mac and Cheese. This dish is crammed full of flavor, and is the perfect side for your next big cookout.

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