Detroit Style Pepperoni Pizza

Detroit Style Pepperoni Pizza

Detroit Style Pizza might be Chef Tom's new favorite kind of pizza. Baked in a rectangular pan with the sauce on top and cheese that goes all the way along the edges, this pizza features two kinds of pepperoni as well as provolone, mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheese. With an unbeatable texture and mix of flavors, this is how you celebrate #NationalPizzaWeek

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  • Comment Author: Matt L Hurley

    Is it a must to have the wood fired oven attachment. I have the Yoder 640 . Matt

  • Comment Author: Detroit pizza lover

    I am 71 lived in Detroit all my life. Double stretched dough, Margarita pepperoni on the dough followed by Wisconsin BRICK cheese and three racing stripes of flavorful sauce.You got the shape of the pan right. Please people visit Detroit and visit Buddy’s or Cloverleaf or Louie’s for the real deal!

  • Comment Author: Keith

    Tom, I noticed that you used 00 pizza flour. Detroit usually uses bread flour. If you make another,try the bread flour and show us a comparison. Been loving your stuff for years! Thanks

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