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Beef Tallow Smoked Brisket


Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill for a Beef Tallow Smoked Brisket, cooked utilizing the Foil Boat Method.


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  • Comment Author: Jesse with ATBBQ

    @ Dan, The brisket was 13lbs. Enjoy!

  • Comment Author: Dan medd

    Hoe many lbs was that brisket?

  • Comment Author: David Nissen Kahn

    Having watched a number of your brisket videos, including the trial of bare versus paper wrap versus foil boat, and having cooked many briskets on my own, I wonder: What about doing the wrap—and boat, which will make things a little less messy—then when at temp for tenderness and juiciness, remove and rest for your recommended couple of hours, then return to the oven at high temperature bare for, say, ten to fifteen minutes? All same same like reverse searing a beef rib roast. The bark should firm up, but the brisket, being cooler, won’t have time to cook to mush or to dry out. I THINK this works, but I haven’t had the time and resources to try it multiple time.


  • Comment Author: Robert Cooney

    I love Brisket and I want to learn more about smoking meat 🥩

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