Yoder Smokers Thermal Jacket

Yoder Smokers Thermal Jacket



Yoder owners love to cook! We cook in intense summer heat and blustery winter cold. Because we are cooking year-round, we notice pellet consumption relaxes with warmer ambient temperatures and increases as the temperature begins to drop further below freezing . Winter cooking also has an additional challenge, the wind. Wind can cause temperature instability and increase pellet consumption.

A thermal jacket acts like a jacket worn on the body. It creates a barrier holding in a protective layer of warm air. It also provides better protection from wind. This makes a more efficient and stable cooking environment, especially when cooking below 300°.

Thermal Jacket Features at a Glance:

Extend Grilling Season: A thermal jacket allows you to enjoy grilling all year long, even in the coldest winter months. It allows for quicker startup and faster recovery times. 

Consistent Results: The Thermal Jacket makes No more surprise temperature changes from the wind. winter cook times are shorter and more consistent.

Cost Savings: The thermal jacket saves pellets and makes winter grilling more budget friendly.

Performance That Lasts: Built with quality materials including insulation that can withstand temperatures up to 1000°, you'll be able to use the Yoder Smokers Thermal Jacket for years to come without worry of burning, tearing, or falling apart.


We've shared a few user's experiences below. If you would like to see more reviews, you can check them out on the YS640S Universal Thermal Jacket Product Page. 

Paul A says: "Winter Smokes are back. My first comment is about quality. This jacket is very well made. Second, It works. Third, Nuff said. Unless you would like to read the rest of the story. Unlike a big box store purchases, there are options. As I hadn't done a lot of cooks here in the New England Winter, I did not add the Jacket when I ordered my YS640. Why didn't I do a lot of winter cooks is the real question. Because it's Winter, Cold, wind, snow etc. Having to spend even more time fretting about the cook temp. Charcoal, propane, electric didn't matter. Hmm isn't that why I went with the Pellet fed pit with the programmable electronic controller? Yes.. and now that I have it and learning how to use it, I do a lot more cooks. A late December, 12+ hour cook had rain, wind, cold, snow all at once. The YS640 maintained temperature. Before, It fed pellets at a rate that had me fretting about the hopper level and concerned that I had enough pellets. I went to the web page and ordered the jacket. It was easily installed. On the following day the Brisket and Chuck Ribs were in. Outdoor temperatures started in the 20's up to 30 and then down to the teens with a moderate breeze for most of the day. About 17 hours of low and slow later and we're at 205 and pellet consumption was back to a Summer rate. The only concern I had was the wind being able to get under the edges of the jacket. I used a few of my shop magnets along the edges to hold it down. Now Its back to as close as It can be to, set it and for get it. If only there was a basting option that you didn't have to open the door."


Dan D:"Received the thermal jacket for the Yoder YS640 and it has worked great and allowed me to cut down on the number of pellets. The temperature seems more stable. Very glad I made this purchase."


Alan H: I ordered my blanket after smoking a pork shoulder on a January day in Iowa with temperatures in the single digits. Needless to say, pellet consumption was impressive in these conditions without a blanket. Pellet consumption went way down after I installed the blanket. I now use it in the fall, winter and spring. As others have said, the quality is typical of Yoder - well designed, easy to use and high quality materials. Well worth the money.




As you can see, the Yoder Smokers Thermal Jacket for YS640 and YS480 pellet grills is a great tool for improving your winter cooks. Whether you are a seasoned grilling pro or just love hosting winter barbecues, the Thermal Jacket makes it easy to stand against the wind and create delicious grilled dishes while reducing pellet consumption.