Yoder Smokers 3-Tier Rack

Yoder Smokers 3-Tier Rack



Increase The Cooking Capacity Of Your YS640 and YS480 With The Yoder Smokers 3-Tier Rack

Whether you are cooking for an event or gearing up for the holidays, sometimes you just need more space. The Yoder Smokers 3-Tier Rack solves this need by maximizing the vertical cooking space.

Maximizing Cooking Capacity

With three layers of grates, you can smoke, bake, or grill multiple dishes all at once, this allows you to reduce the time you spend cooking so you can spend your time with family and friends. The added capacity and efficiency is ideal for large gatherings, holidays, meal prep, and more.


Versatility in Cooking Options

The versatility of this 3-tier rack is truly remarkable. The various levels enable you to experiment with different cooking temperatures by moving food closer to or further away from your heat source. This ensures everything cooked is to your desired level of tenderness and flavor.


Robust Construction for Reliable Performance

Like all Yoder products, the 3-tier rack is built to last no matter what you throw at it.


Easy to Use and Maintain

The Yoder Smokers 3-Tier Rack is easy to use. The setup is a breeze, and once in place, it seamlessly integrates with your Yoder smoker. All three shelves slide out making your food easier to reach and maneuver around. Cleaning is straightforward, thanks to its design, allowing for hassle-free maintenance so you can focus on what truly matters—perfecting your grilling game.



Impressive cooking capacity, and versatility make the Yoder Smokers 3-Tier Rack a valuable addition to any grill master's toolkit. Elevate your grilling experience, impress your guests, and savor the delicious results of your culinary prowess with this exceptional accessory.

Happy grilling!